Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (2024)

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Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (1)

  • "Rows 36-45 are covered by the overhang."

    Section 103

    These seats also have great access to the concourse. So not only will you stay dry, but your hot dog will stay warm as you mosey back to your seat....More


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (2)

  • "Love the view of the scoreboard!"

    Section 148, Row 35

    Head-on to one of the 4 corner videoboards! It is far from corner-to-corner, but at least you can see the replays crystal clear. Plus, if you are up in Rows 35 and higher, you are covered by the second deck and you are close to bathrooms....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (3)

  • "Budget seats"

    Section 304, Row 22

    There are a lot of seats in each row up this high, but at least you are covered. Choose something in a lower row if you plan on getting up a lot for food and bathroom breaks....More

  • Related Questions

    • Is Section 227A at MetLife Stadium covered?

      Asked November 23, 2013

      Section 227A at MetLife Field is not covered. On that side of the field, only the upper rows of the B Mezzanine sections are covered by the upper deck.

      Section 227A at MetLife Stadium is not covered, while the highest rows in 228A are protected


    Seat Ratings Mentioning Shade/Cover

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (4)

    "50 Yard Line Luxury" -

    Section 139, Row 31, Seat 6

    With a near 50 yard line view, great height, amazing viewing angles, and cozy padded seats, these tickets are hard to beat. Section 139 is right at midfield behind the visitors bench, and being 6 seats off the aisle to the right I was right around the 44 yard line (there were 33 seats in my row which would have made seat 16 or 17 the best for being directly on the 50).

    My row was the last in the section and backed up against the suites located just above and behind where a small roof covers the lucky fans in the suites. I don't believe the roof would have done us any good if it had been raining as the roof didn't extend all that far forward. With no one sitting directly behind me the seats felt even more comfortable than they already were, and I was free to stretch my arms or lean far back without pestering anyone behind.

    There was only one slight drawback which was having to walk down to the entry tunnel at row 8 to get to the restrooms, no entry tunnels are available at the top of the sections as it would run right into the suite section.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (5)

    "Easy access to the seats, solid views" -

    Section 229, Row 15, Seat 10

    The seats were right by the entry tunnel and on a set of metal risers that sit above the rows below, but otherwise were just like all the others. Views were excellent as we faced the middle of the field and had great height to be able to see everywhere. The guard rails in front of us might have been an issue if I was sitting one row lower in Row 14, but didn't reach my field of vision from one row above.

    I noticed a lot of families in the area, so it was a popular option for parents bringing their kids to a Giants game even though they were not covered like some of the end zone sections above us. We were also right next to the Verizon Club seats which were located just underneath the scoreboard to the right, which actually made it a longer walk to get to the concessions as you had to go around the club entrance before reaching the vendors.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (6)

    "A roof and a view" -

    Section 227B, Row 16, Seat 5

    I had a great view of the field from behind the endzone on the 200 level, and best of all was being completely under the overhanging roof above. It had been sprinkling earlier in the day and we weren't sure if it was going to rain, so knowing that we had protection above let me enjoy the game without worrying about getting poured on (rows 6 and higher here were all well placed under the roof).

    The height from the second seating deck was great and I had no issues seeing the play at the far endzone, and I had my choice of video boards at the far endzone for catching the replays. A great choice for staying out of the weather without sacrificing a view, just don't expect much from the lowly few concession carts at the top of the sections.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (7)

    "Too Close to the Wall" -

    Section 228B, Row 18, Seat 26

    The seats were in the shade and out of the weather, with what would have been a good view from behind the endzone if the seats weren't directly beside the wall that houses the scoreboard. The left side of the field was blocked from the view and it was impossible to see anything at that far corner of the endzone. I was able to see the scoreboard at the opposite end decently, but having the wall taking up a good portion of the view was disappointing. There was a restroom located very close by with almost no lines, but it was located in a shady hallway that doesn't connect to the rest of the stadium. Overall, I recommend avoiding the aisle seats on the left side of this section if you want to be able to see the entire field....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (8)

    "Blocked out by a beam" -

    Section 226, Row 18, Seat 30

    My seats were on the second seating tier and underneath the overhang from the 300 level seats above, however the beams that support that deck really hinder the view when you get higher than row 14 and near the aisles. It was difficult to see the videoboards, and I could only see the plays on the turf when the ball was on the right half of the field. The seat was in the very last row of the section which kept me close to the concourse and the restrooms, but there were limited food and drink options at the few carts that were available behind the section. I would strongly caution against seats 28 and higher when in rows 15 and up in section 226 unless you prefer having a giant beam directly in your line of sight....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (9)

    "Best section and row for families" -

    Section 104, Row 39, Seat 18

    This section is very popular pregame since it is right by the tunnel where a lot of Giants players are coming out, warming up and even signing autographs. Even though you're in the last row of the 100 Level, this is a great height for a corner section to see the entire field and one of the videoboards in the far corner.

    The seats are covered from rain/sun/snow and are really close to the concourse. Because of the cover, proximity to concourse and all the action going on pregame, there really aren't any better seats for kids or families. The only issue is that there are 28 seats in the row. So if you're on the inside you're walking over people. And if you're on the end, you're going to get walked over.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (10)

    "Very loud under the speaker" -

    Section 201, Row 12, Seat 2

    In terms of view, these seats were great and I could see all areas of the field with no problem. The glass and hand rails at the bottom of the section are not an issue from where I was, and even the foot traffic up and down the aisle didn't block the view much at all. Being so nicely positioned near the center of the endzone was pretty cool as the two scoreboards at the other end were always in your periphery. Having the roof above was a nice insurance policy against the weather, but definitely made it a bit darker here than in the lower rows. My one and only complaint would be the speaker that was mounted on the roof just above my seat, which was VERY loud and gave me a headache....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (11)

    "Great on a Hot Day!" -

    Section 203B, Row 18, Seat 25

    Because of where these seats are located and there being open-air right behind you, these seats actually get a cross-breeze. Plus, they're covered. Probably not what you want on a cold winter day. But for August and September games, these seats are cooler than the rest.

    The 200 level columns don't come into play in these seats. You can always see the whole field and the videoboard across the field.

    Restrooms are right behind you and to the left. It's so secluded back here that they're almost private. Unfortunately, that also means that the food potions are pretty weak. There was a temporary cart right behind the seats, but the guy working it looked really bored.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (12)

    "Last Rows Behind the Endzone" -

    Section 327, Row 24, Seat 8

    These seats would probably be great for an offensive or defensive coordinator to break down plays and coverage schemes, but for a casual fan it was very far away and disappointing. It was a preseason night game and MetLife Stadium, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention how dark it got back here in the 3rd to last row behind the endzone. Hard to tell if the small roof above would provide any protection from the weather, but it was there and also had a super loud speaker mounted nearby that will make your ears ring....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (13)

    "Great seats for families" -

    Section 124, Row 39, Seat 5

    Rows 37 and higher in these endzone sections are covered, so you'll never get rained or snowed on (unless it's blowing sideways). You're also right at the top of the section so the concourse amenities are just a couple steps away.

    The view is pretty good. The other side of the field does feel pretty far away from so far back but you can see everything without any obstructions. Plus, there are two scoreboards staring you in the face. It's a tough choice of which scoreboard you're going to look at for replays.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (14)

    "Weak Concessions" -

    Section 249B, Row 19, Seat 7

    It was the last row in the section and under the roof from the deck above which provided protection and didn't limit the view at all. I could see all areas of the field well, but the view did feel far when the ball was at the opposite end of the field. The fact that the concourse was close by wasn't much of an advantage as the options were extremely limited with just beer and water readily available....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (15)

    "Great View From the Upper Level" -

    Section 312, Row 18, Seat 17

    This section spans at least the 20-30 yard line, so your view will depend on which seat number you're in. Seat 17 is right at the 27 yard line, which afforded us a great view. You're high up, but it's still manageable and it doesn't feel like you're a few rows from the top.

    A bonus of sitting up so high: these seats are covered, which would be clutch in a bitter cold November rain.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (16)

    "Great for corner seats!" -

    Section 106, Row 33, Seat 10

    The elevation of these seats makes them pretty awesome for sitting in the corner. You can see the whole field and are literally staring right at one of the videoboards.

    The only downfall about these seats is that the rows are so long it's kind of a pain in the butt to get in and out. But once you do get out, you're right at the tunnel and just steps away from amenities.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (17)

    "Good Angle to the 50" -

    Section 305, Row 17, Seat 11

    Pretty good view of the whole field. It's almost easier to see the other end of the field because of the angle towards midfield. You also get a decent view of the Giants sideline.

    Seat 11 is in the middle of a long row, but these seats and rows 16 and above are most covered.


  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (18)

    "Covered and convenient" -

    Section 128, Row 40, Seat 9

    The seats were covered. Convenient to restrooms and vending. Great end zone view. You likely won't get anything thrown into the crowd from the field because it will hit the overhang. With wind, precipitation will hit you. Might want to go a few more rows back for sure coverage....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (19)

    "Great view of the entire field" -

    Section 224B, Row 13, Seat 19

    You're almost in the 300 level being so far back, but you get a really good view of the whole field and you're at eye-level with the videoboards. Plus, the seats are covered which is a nice bonus. If you can get these seats cheap, go for it....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (20)

    "George Strait - Jun 8, 2024" -

    Field 9, Row 7 (Concert)

    The best part was sitting in the shade when the sun was strong! Not crazy about no security keeping people from standing in the aisles blocking our view. MetLife stadium is not a wonderful venue, unfortunately....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (21)

    "Great View" -

    Section 106, Row 27, Seats 18-19

    See the whole field easily from a corner vista without paying lower section sideline prices. Exciting when Giants take the field. Convenient to bathrooms and concessions....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (22)

    "Great seats" -

    Section 330

    Quite a dreary night, especially way up there, but the lights kept all the rain off us. Great perspective of the game, and I would definitely sit here again....More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (23)

    "Awesome!!!" -

    Section 133, Row 1, Seats 5-6

    Great seats, players warmed up right in front of us. Endzone is literally 15 feet away. Awesome seats!!!!...More

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (24)

    "Undercover Seats" -

    Section 250B, Row 11, Seat 18

    Great view and undercover

  • Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (25)

    "Great bang for your $$$" -

    Section 335, Row 21

    These seats were marked as being good for shade

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    Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium (2024)


    Shaded and Covered Seating at MetLife Stadium? ›

    In the upper deck, seats in the back rows are shaded by the “solar ring” atop the stadium. Sections 324-340 will eventually get shade in all rows as the sun dips behind the stadium. If you're seeking the sun, most sections on the east (home) side of the stadium will keep you warm.

    Which sections at MetLife are covered? ›

    MetLife Stadium is an open stadium but there is cover from row 36 - 45 in sections 121-131, 101-106 and 146-149.

    Where is the best place to sit at MetLife Stadium? ›

    The Best Seats at MetLife Stadium

    First, in my opinion, whether you sit on the Giants side (sections 109 to 117) or the visitor side (sections 134 to 143) some of the best seats are in sections 135, 136, 137, 112, 113, and 114. Putting aside the coolness factor, the best seat would be between rows 10 and 20.

    Why does MetLife Stadium have different colored seats? ›

    The base of the stadium's facade is clad in limestone-like stonework while the rest of the stadium is distinguished by an outer skin of aluminum louvers and glass and by interior lighting capable of switching colors, depending on which team is currently playing–blue for the Giants and green for the Jets.

    Does MetLife Stadium have a cover? ›

    MetLife Stadium has no roof; you will in effect be sitting outdoors.

    What side of MetLife Stadium is shady? ›

    Where are the seats in the shade and sun at MetLife Stadium? Generally, the seats in the shade at MetLife Stadium are located: South End Zone: Shade in sections on the south side of the stadium. West Sideline: Shaded seats on the visiting team's side of the field.

    Is there a roof at MetLife? ›

    The good news is that many of the World Cup stadiums in 2026 will have some indoor component, whether permanent or via a retractable roof. Metlife Stadium, though, is not one of those stadiums. With no roof, the stadium is totally exposed to the elements.

    Can you bring blankets into MetLife Stadium? ›

    Guests are welcome to carry-in the following items:

    Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6" or less in length. Jackets or blankets after being patted down or searched.

    What does "infill seats" mean? ›

    In fill seats... they have a block of seats (say 8) and dont want to break up the block to sell 1 or 2 so they give you the seat number once everything is sold... This is the explanation from MetLife forum.

    Where is the best place to get dropped off at MetLife Stadium? ›

    The designated area for all drop offs and pickups is between parking lots D + E. There is curb space along the roadway that provides a safe area for drop-offs and pick-ups. There is no charge to access the drop-off / pick-up area.

    Why are stadium seats covered? ›

    The stadium seat covers were required to protect seats from the weather in VIP areas, executive boxes and other premium seating sections of the stadium. The covers provide complete protection, ensuring an improved matchday experience for spectators.

    Are seat cushions allowed at MetLife Stadium? ›

    Carry-In Policy: Prohibited Items

    Seat cushions of any size except those for medical needs.

    Do club seats at MetLife Stadium include food? ›

    These mid-field seats include access to the MetLife 50 Club featuring all-inclusive upscale food and non-alcoholic beverages and access to the private field-level patio directly behind the opposing team's bench.

    Which stadium has covered roof? ›

    The only cricket stadium in the world with a retractable roof is Melbourne's Docklands Stadium.

    Is MetLife Stadium cash only? ›

    MetLife Stadium is a cash-free venue. Cash is not accepted at concession stands or retail locations. Visa is the preferred form of payment at MetLife Stadium.

    How much is beer at MetLife Stadium? ›

    Shockingly, New York Giants and New York Jets fans — who share MetLife Stadium — get a decent rate for the cheapest, smallest brew available with prices arriving at $5 per beer or 42 cents per ounce.

    What sections are club seats at MetLife? ›

    There are five tiers of seating at MetLife: the lower bowl (sections 101 to 149), suite level 3, club seating (201 to 250b), suite level 5, suite level 6 and the upper bowl (301 to 350).

    How many rows are in a section at MetLife? ›

    The 100 sections of the lower bowl have as many as 48 rows. The 200 sections have up to 15 rows. Seats in the 300 sections have to 26 rows.

    What clubs are at MetLife Stadium? ›

    MetLife Stadium has several club spaces including the EY Coaches Club, Corona Beach Club, West Mezzanine Club, Commissioners Club, and MetLife 50 Club that are spread across di erent levels of the Stadium.


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