Createfile Error 32

C++ Programming Tutorial for Beginners in English - Part 7 | C++ Error | Runtime C++ Errorvb6 – CreateFile() returns error 32 (SHARING_VIOLATION) when … – I’ve really been struggling with VB6 named pipes for a while. This line to a large extend works: CallNamedPipe(szPipeName, Header(0), 2, bArray(0), numBytes, cbRead, 30000) The pipe server does

CreateFile error 32 when trying set file time | Tamim DBA’s Blog – Posts about CreateFile error 32 when trying set file time written by Tamim Khan

How to solve “CreateFile error 32 when trying set file time … – Solution of the Oracle installation problem on Windows 7 / Windows XP during Oracle installation start-up. Know the reasons and solution of the erro “CreateFile error 32 when trying set file time” Error During Oracle Installation.

I got this error in the DOS environment window when i clicked on setup of oracle Enterprise Edition, which i downloaded from . The windows

ORA-17410: unable to obtain more data from the socket. Know the progress

I am getting the following error while installing java.please help me out error: Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another pro

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