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XBMC addons for 2014Code base error__Error #: -310__Error#: 81606__Not a … – Upon power up and sign on I receive the following error message: Code base error Error #: -310 Error#: 81606 Not a correct index file Index file is exclusive, licked, or dos read-only- index file must

Codebase error -310 – – Hello, in our company we are using a software, which uses the Codebase 6.5 for database access. The database format is FoxPro. Unfortunately we don’t own the sourcecode of the software. The

codebase error 310 and 81606 S-Status upon startup … – I am getting codebase errors (-310 & 81606, S_Status) when I start up my computer. I have XP and the only thing I have done is install Norton 360…Any suggestions for a quick fix? Norton appears to

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The Codebase Error 310 error is often a result of Microsoft Windows system corruption. Broken system data files are often a serious danger to the life of a computer system.

The -310 error indicates that CodeBase has detected a problem with the index. Here are some common causes for this error. Changes being made to the data file while the index is closed.

What Are Codebase Error 310 Errors Frequently, the error Codebase Error 310 is caused by incorrect Windows registry entries, or wrongly formatted system

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