Cannot Boot From Cd Code:4

[Tutorial] How to Set your BIOS to boot from CD or DVDCDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD – Code: 5 – when DVD try to boot, it always says “CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD – Code: 5″. Changed type Steven – Support EngineerMicrosoft Support, Moderator Monday, October 24, 2011 7:59 PM Changing thread type to a question.

CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD – Code: 4 – Windows XP – MSFN Forum – I did a Google search for “CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD – Code: 4″ (quotes included), and found a single site in english (a previous topic on this forum: Virtual PC, Code Error: 4, that didn’t help. Other, broader searches came up with unrelated information.

cannot boot from cd-code 4 – The code 4 you are getting is tied to your motherboard and its BIOS since it was outside of Windows, check with the manufacturer or Google it (you did not supply system information). › [Solved] need to boot from cd. › Toshiba Satellite Laptop cannot boot.

CDBOOT: Cannot Boot From CD – Code 4 | Forum – The CD-ROM I am trying to boot from is a Plextor 40Max connected to an Adaptec Controller. When the SCSI Hard Drive isn’t attached, I can boot from the CD-ROM just. General Tech Talk and Support. CDBOOT: Cannot Boot From CD – Code 4™.

Cannot boot from CD Code 4. [Archive] – PC World Forums – View Full Version : Cannot boot from CD Code 4. The final test was to see if the CD was bootable (Yes, I have made a bootable CD, etc, etc). When booting from CD, floppy emulation begins, but then I get the above error, and windows loads off the HD.

Hey guys, I downloaded Boot Camp and noticed you need a XP cd with SP2. I slipstreamed the cd, though when Boot Camp said: ”enter your windows cd”, and rebooted, I got: ”BOOT CD: cannot boot from cd – code 4”. My screen is totally black except for that (white) single line…

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