Access Error 3343

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Thanks myle, Yes the back end is ms access too, but I didnt add any new field to any tables recently and it was fine for about 6 month but I will transfer the tables to a new database like what you said.

Detailed information about Access unrecognized database format error (Error 3343) when openning a corrupt Access database, including the error symptom, the precise explanation, a sample file and the file fixed by DataNumen Access Repair, as well as the references to Microsoft articles.

Your solution works – however I really did not like how there would be a Access “shell” that would popup – or the kaveching of the folks who use my spreadsheets about that shell.

Unrecognized Database Format. (Error 3343) – I am about to have a heart attack because I got the following error message after an entire days work in access Unrecognized database format Error 3343 Any Microsoft Access Help

Hi, We have started getting the following error on a business critical database: Run-time error 3343 Unrecognised database format .mdb It is starting to occur

The Access Error 3343 error message is the Hexadecimal data format of the error message produced. This is the commonly used error code layout employed by Microsoft Windows and other Windows compatible software and driver suppliers.

I just updated from Vista to Windows 7 and am receiving error while trying to run an application designed with Microsoft Access. It ran great when I used Vista. I have reloaded the database

I am tasked with connecting to an Access DB from a Word 2010 Macro. I downloaded the Microsoft sample database and the sample verification code but that does not work either. I can open the Access

Possible causes: The specified file name is not a Microsoft Access database engine database. The specified file name is a device name, for example, a printer or a console. The

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