01353 Area Code

Area Codes Index – UK Area Codes – Accurate and up-to-date information about telephone area codes and phone numbers for the UK. Includes locations, charge advice and formatting guide….

UK Area Codes | International Dialling Codes | Find … – Look up UK and international dialling codes and find out where unknown numbers are calling from….

Location information for the 01359 Area Code. Find out where this code is, along with nearby UK dialling codes. How to write a telephone number beginning 01359….

01353 numbers (UK area code 01353), for Ely and the surrounding area. Full details of where uses this area code, including specific areas covered….

An alphabetical listing of UK telephone area codes (STD Dialling Codes)….

Example: 5555 555 5555. UK Area Codes. 02x; 01×1; 011x; 01xxx; 01xxxx; 02x. 020 Area Code – London; 023 Area Code – Southampton / Portsmouth…

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